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VA Composites was launched in 2017 with a vision and a dream to design and provide the best composite golf shafts in the world.   What makes a great shaft?   Dedication to a winning design coupled with exotic composite materials and professional knowledge of a winning combination of the golf shaft and club head.


The designer

Victor Afable - Founder and CEO

Victor Afable - Founder and CEO

“We strive to make the best shafts in the world using the most exotic materials known to man.”
— Afable


Victor Afable has over 35 years of golf knowledge and industry experience.  Victor is most recognized for his expertise in shaft concept and design, coupled with sincere passion to designing the best performing composite golf shafts.   Victor has a proven track record in designing shafts used by top Tour players in the world, whom to date, have won over 100 tour events worldwide.  He was instrumental in designing the composite shaft played by the winner of the 2016 Open, and the shaft used to shoot a 58, the lowest in PGA Tour history.   Victor Afable believes in order to make the best shafts, you must start with exotic designs along with the best materials available in today’s market.  

VA Composites was founded solely for his passion to create the most exact performing shafts in the industry.   VA offers several series of shafts exclusively offered only by the best club fitters in the industry.   A precision golf shaft will only offer great performance and when fit correctly, the result is greater distance and much tighter dispersion.

Founder & CEO - Victor Afable




At VA Composites, we only authorize the best club fitters in the world to custom fit, install, and build VA Shafts.   They are highly trained and certified to understand our product lines.   We recommend you visit one of our dealers and always get custom fit in order to achieve the best performance possible with VA Shafts.

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Whether you have a sales question or technical question, feel free to reach out to us.   You can email us by filling out the information to the right or pick up the phone and call us.   A friendly representative is waiting to answer all your questions!

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